Our ESG Strategy

In line with our ambition to be the bank for Europe's future, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are a core part of our Culture and mindset.

Sustainability guides and informs every decision we make and all actions we take.

We also know that fulfilling our Purpose of empowering communities to progress would not be possible without the highest ESG standards across our bank, driving a sustainable growth. That is why ESG principles are woven through UniCredit Unlocked, our new strategy, to help our clients in a just and sustainable transition towards a better society.

Our ESG strategy is built around interrelated elements (from the top):

  • ESG principles, representing our important milestiones woven through Unicredit Unlocked
  • leading by example, striving for the same high standards that we seek from those we do business with
  • setting ambitious ESG goals to support a just and fair transition for our clients
    We are committed to delivering €150bn in ESG finance by 2024 in the form of environmental lending A(€25bn), ESG investment products B (€65bn), sustainable bonds C (€50bn) and social lending A (€10bn).
  • equipping ourselves with tools to assist clients and communities in navigating the environmental and social transition through strategic sustainable actions across our building blocks.
    Our key strategic actions are:
    • Partnering with our Clients for a just and fair transition
    • Supporting Communities and Society
    • Steering our behaviour with clear commitments
    • Enriching our Risk & Lending approach
  • embracing and investing the resources needed to deliver and reach our ambitious targets and longterm commitments, through a strong Governance Model, embracing our Culture and delivering quality Monitoring, Reporting and Disclosure.

A Including ESG-linked lending.
B Based on Art. 8 and 9 SFDR regulation.
C All regions, including sustainability linked bonds.

infographic representing the UniCredit ESG Strategy explained in the introduction of this page


UniCredit’s ESG Strategy is embodied in the ESG Roadmap which is our operative tool to work on ESG priorities across the organisation, with several workstreams reflecting the key strategic actions described above. For 2023, we have reviewed the Group ESG Roadmap key streams to reflect our progress and ESG priorities.


The Group Investor Relations team, with the support of the ESG team, proactively and reactively interacts with the ESG rating agencies with the aim of communicating and monitoring the Group sustainability strategy and improving our positioning and disclosure. Our sustainable performance is reflected in the key external ratings.

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To strengthen and manifest our commitment to the green and social transition, we have decided over the years to adhere to key international and institutional initiatives.


UniCredit Unlocked

The goal of our strategy is to unlock the value inherent in UniCredit via an industrial transformation combined with three financial levers of net revenue growth, operational efficiency and capital efficiency.

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