Business Model in action

At UniCredit, the Bank for Europe's future, our integrated and sustainable business model is based on local excellence, organised in 4 regions supported by central structures, with 2 Product Factories and a lean competence centre embedding Digital and Data, all inspired by our Principles and Values.



EMBEDDED IN THE FABRIC OF EUROPE 13 Banks A #1 Eastern Europe #2 Central Europe #2 Italy #3 Germany
Empower communities #3 corporate lender in Europe B
Best-in-class factories delivering for our clients n.1 in All Bonds in EUR in Italy n.2 in Austria and n.3 in Germany C n.3 for number of transactions in EMEA Bonds in EUR n.3 in EMEA Green & ESG-linked Loans C and n.6 in EMEA combined Green & ESG-Linked Loans and ESG-related Bonds in EUR D
Italy Revenues: €9bn Eastern Europe E Revenues: €2bn
infographic representing the UniCredit business model explained in the introduction of this page
Germany Revenues: €5bn Central Europe Revenues: €3.5bn
UniCredit Foundation Social and humanitarian initiatives and support to study and research:
c.€5.7m disbursed by UniCredit Foundation during 2022
c.€1m donated by colleagues and UniCredit Foundation
>€1.5m granted as scholarships and fellowships to students and researchers in 2022
Corporate citizenship Measuring our effort through the Business For Societal Impact (B4SI) reporting framework:
€36.5m to communities in 2022

A Ranking by total assets. Germany only Private Banks. Italian and German Peers latest available figures (4Q22 when available, 3Q22 otherwise); CE and EE positioning as of 3Q22.
B Data as of 4Q22 (otherwise latest available) for Peers and as of 4Q22 for UniCredit, based on publicly available data; Peers including: BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Santander, HSBC, Intesa SanPaolo, Société Générale. FX exchange rate at 30 September 2022.
C Source: League Tables of Dealogic. Period: 1 January - 31 December 2022; rankings by volume, unless otherwise stated.
D ESG-linked Loans include KPI-linked loans and ESG-rating linked loans. ESG-related Bonds include underwritten Sustainable Finance Bonds, i.e. bonds with proceeds earmarked for green and/or social projects, as well as Sustainability-Linked Bonds. Source: League Tables of Dealogic, as of 7 January 2023. Period: 1 January - 31 December 2022; rankings by volume, unless otherwise stated.
E Excluding Russia.


2021 value: 8.1 million; 2022 value: 8.5 million. Percentage increase: +6%


2021 value: 6.5 million; 2022 value: 7.2 million. Percentage increase: +11%